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The Bohrmeister range of track carriers is available in standard tracks and Morooka undercarriage options are available.

The carriers are built for the harshest conditions and the carriers have options available for air conditioning, self-loading, remote control the list goes on.

Bohrmeister gives you the option to build your perfect track carrier the way you want it.

Following Sizes Available:

1) 10T GVM Utility Carrier
2.5m Tracks, 12Ton Tracks
Payload: 6T
Deck Size:3.5m x2.5m (L x W)
Engine Size:140 kw

Budget Price: $170,000.00 Australian Dollars

2) 15T GVM Utility Carrier
3.8m Tracks
Payload: 10T
Deck Size: 4.5m x2,5m (L x W)
Engine Size: 160kw

Budget Price: $188,000.00 Australian Dollars

3) 20T GVM Utility Carrier
4.5m Tracks
Payload: 15T
Deck Size:6.5m x2,5m (L x W)
Engine Size:180 kw

Budget Price: $253,000.00 Australian Dollars

4) 30T GVM Utility Carrier
5.5m Tracks
Payload: 22T
Deck Size:6.5m x2,5m (L x W)
Engine Size:200kw

Budget Price: $279,400.00 Australian Dollars

The above are basic Utility Crawler Carriers inclusive of:
• Open Cab
• T3 Cummins Engine
• Outriggers (4 off)
• Diesel Tank (Belly Mount)
• Hydraulic Tank
• Hydraulic Air Oil Cooler
• Remote Wireless Control Pendant
• Steel Tracks with 2 speed motors

The following options are available on request:
• Self-Loading Slide Out Outrigger Legs & Controls
• Rod Bins
• Compressor
• Air Hose Reel
• Water Tank
• T4 Engine
• Air-Conditioned Cab
• Morooka High-Speed Rubber Tracks

The Utility Carriers can be used for numerous uses such as:
• Compressor Carrier
• Rod & Casing Carrier
• Water carrier
• Rig Support carrier with crane
• Personnel Transport carrier

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The Bohrmeister range of drilling equipment is robust and tough, able to withstand the harshest of climates and work in even the most remote parts of Australia.

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